Monday, October 8, 2012

Holiday Shoes

Repeat customers are awesome. Especially when they are people you love already. It means you made them happy. And if there is anyone you want to make happy, it's people you love.

I told you last year that Mrs. Faber was like a second mom to me through high school. She lived right across the street from us, had a daughter my age who ensured that I was not lonely when we first moved in and she and my mom still are good friends. So it was humbling last year when she ordered holiday shoes for her only grandchild. Here is last year's design.


And I am thrilled that she ordered another pair this year.

She gave me a black and cream color scheme and told me to run with it. What a gift to be given free reign design wise with your favorite color scheme as your only direction. Bliss!


It was hard whittling down all of the ideas and possibilities. This is what I finally landed on. Black linen mary janes with tiny cream colored flowers. I'm so pleased with them, and thankfully so is she!


In fact, she's already put in her order for Easter shoes! My 2013 wait list is filling up so fast! So, what do you think? Perfect little shoes for meeting Santa?

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